Probable Graduates for each OHL Team


Probable Grads: 

  • Aaron Luchuk (too old)
  • Andrei Svechnikov (NHL)
  • Dmitry Sokolov (AHL or Russia)
  • TJ Fergus (too old)
  • Leo Lazarev (too old)
  • 1 of Just Murray/Ben Hawerchuk/Lucas Chiodo/Zach Magwood (too many OA’s)


Probable Grads: 

  • Patrick Fellows (too old)
  • Owen Headrick (too old)
  • Troy Lajeunesse (too old)


Probable Grads:

  • Maurizio Collela (too old)
  • Jalen Smereck (too old)
  • Garrett Forrest (too old)


Probable Grads: 

  • James McEwan (too old)
  • Garrett McFadden (too old)
  • Mark Shoemaker (too old)


Probable Grads:

  • Ryan Moore (too old)
  • Riley Stillman (Signed- AHL)
  • Kaden Fulcher (Signed- AHL)
  • Nicholas Caamano (Signed- AHL)
  • Marian Studenic (Signed- AHL)
  • Will Bitten (Signed- AHL)
  • Justin Lemcke (too old)
  • Connor Walters (too old)
  • 1 of Brandon Saigeon/Nic Mattinen/Ben Gleason/Jack Hanley (too many OA’s)
  • 60/40 that Robert Thomas is back (NHL)


Probable Grads: 

  • Max Jones (Signed- AHL)
  • Linus Nyman (Signed to play pro in Finland next season)
  • Cliff Pu (Signed- AHL)
  • Jeremy Helvig (too old)
  • Sean Day (Signed- AHL)
  • Liam Murray (too old)
  • Ted Nichol (too old)
  • 1 of Mitchell Byrne/Sam Field/Matt Hotchkiss/Ryan Cranford (too many OA’s)
  • 50/50 that Gabriel Vilardi makes the NHL next year (LA Kings)


Probable Grads: 

  • Logan Brown (Signed- AHL)
  • Logan Stanley (Signed- AHL)
  • Kole Sherwood (too old)
  • Adam Mascherin (will be traded by FLA or taken in the NHL draft again- AHL)
  • Connor Bunnaman (Signed- AHL)
  • Givani Smith (Signed- AHL)
  • Austin McEneny (too old)
  • Mario Culina (too old)


Probable Grads:

  • Tyler Rollo (too old)
  • Shane Collins (too old)


Probable Grads:

  • Michael McLeod (Signed- AHL)
  • Nicolas Hague (Signed- AHL)
  • Mathieu Foget (too old)
  • Jacob Moverare (Signed- AHL)
  • Trent Fox (too old)
  • Stephen Gibson (too old)
  • 2 of Emanuel Vella/Cole Carter/Reagan O’Grady/Ian McKinnon/Albert Michnac (too many OA’s)
  • 50/50 that Owen Tippett makes the NHL next year


Probable Grads: 

  • Sam Miletic (too old)
  • Johnny Corneil (too old)
  • Adrian Carbonara (too old)
  • 1 of Stephen Dhillon/Kyle Langdon/William Lochead/Jonathon Schaefer (too many OA’s)


Probable Grads:

  • Jake Henderson (too old)
  • Jesse Saban (too old)
  • Riley Bruce (too old)
  • 2 of Justin Brazeau/Luke Burghardt/Julian Sime/Adam Thilander/Kyle Potts (too many OA’s)


Probable Grads:

  • Kenny Huether (too old)
  • Hayden McCool (too old)
  • Alex Di Carlo (too old)
  • Renars Krastenbergs (Pro in Europe)
  • 3 of Matt Brassard/Domenico Commisso/Sean Allen/Brendan Harrogate/Cole Ceci/Eric Henderson


Probable Grads:

  • Jacob Cascagnette (too old)
  • Travis Barron (Signed- AHL)
  • Olivier Tremblay (too old)


Probable Grads:

  • Ethan Szypula (too old)
  • Brett McKenzie (too old)
  • Jonah Gadjovich (Signed- AHL)
  • Jacob Friend (too old)
  • 4 of Sean Durzi/Olivier Lafreniere/Kevin Hancock/Alan Lyszczarczyk/Trenton Bourque/Cole Cameron/Chase Campbell (too many OA’s)


Probable Grads:

  • Logan DeNoble (too old)
  • Nikita Korostelev (too old)
  • Alex Black (too old)
  • Dylan Wells (Signed- AHL)
  • 2 of Adam Timleck/Chris Paquette/Matthew Timms/Austin Osmanski/Bobby Dow (too many OA’s)


Probable Grads:

  • Evan Cormier (too old)
  • Mason Kohn (too old)
  • Marcus Crawford (too old)


Probable Grads:

  • Jordan Kyrou (Signed- AHL)
  • Justin Fazio (too old)
  • Jonathan Ang (Signed- AHL)
  • Cam Dineen (Signed- AHL)
  • Michael Pezzetta (Signed- AHL)
  • Connor Schlichting (too old)
  • Jordan Ernst (too old)
  • 2 of Anthony Salinitri/Theo Calvas/Franco Sproviero/Drake Rymsha/Mitch Eliot (too many OA’s)


Probable Grads:

  • Taylor Raddysh (Signed- AHL)
  • Conor Timmins (Signed- AHL)
  • Jack Kopacka (Signed- AHL)
  • Tim Gettinger (Signed- AHL)
  • Boris Katchouk (Signed- AHL)
  • Hayden Verbeek (too old)
  • Noah Carroll (too old)
  • 1 of Jordan Sambrook/Keeghan Howdeshell/Mac Hollowell/Tyler Johnson


Probable Grads: 

  • Alexey Lipanov (Signed- AHL)
  • Kyle Rhodes (too old)
  • Ryan Valentini (too old)
  • Doug Blaisdell (too old)
  • 1 of Drake Pilon/Darian Pilon/Cole Candella/Evan Krassey (too many OA’s)


Probable Grads: 

  • Jake Smith (too old)
  • Zach Shankar (too old)

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